100% Organic, Dyanmic History!

History For Humans' American history video curriculum is designed to empower teachers to step back from the lecture stand and spend more time engaging and supporting students as they learn and explore history! So cut the lecture and up the engagement- this is not your dusty old history curriculum, this is history for the now!

History for humans provides engaging video-based history curriculum

History For Humans teaches through the power of story! All our history video lessons center on an engaging story to hook learners and cover essential standards, historical concepts, terms, and figures. Each video comes with interactive notes, a quick quiz to check for understanding, and an extension lesson to dive deeper into the themes of the video! With much of the direct instruction covered in the video, teachers are free to explore the lessons with their students, guide their learning, and give more one on one attention to students. So lecture less and engage more!

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ A classroom and homeschool history video curriculum like no other! πŸ“œ

why choose us

standards based, story based

All videos are aligned with state and national standards but are also taught through the power of story! Stories are what makes history come alive, become relevant, and memorable to our students.

High Quality Lessons & Activities

We believe history is fun, exciting, and interesting! That simply, is the focus of our lesson plans. Our learning activities build comprehension, essential historical thinking skills while still being fun and engaging!


We pride ourselves on empowering teachers to support rigorous learning in their classrooms or homeschool environments! Video curriculum allows you to lecture less and spend more time supporting and working directly with students!

Note from Founder

Hi, I'm Dan! I’m an award-winning educator that started History For Humans to provide teachers with engaging video history curriculum and resources that challenge, support, and inspire students to love history!





My kids loved your materials and videos.Β  You do a great job. One of my students think you could be a rapper! Seriously though, thank you! The material is engaging and you an awesome job at providing context and honest reflections.

Bill M.

History for Humans is an awesome resource for American History teachers. My students found the videos entertaining and I always learn something new as well! If you want high-quality history videos with engaging activities, look no further, because Dan has you covered!

Aimee G.

My students THRIVED at all parts of the lesson. They said they loved the lesson and learned so much! It was sequenced in a way that helped students learn and easy for me because it took zero prep. I cannot wait to use Dan’s products in the future!

Abby G