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graphic organizers for social studies
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The Best Graphic Organizers for History | 8 Universal Templates

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These graphic organizers can be used with nearly any lesson to help students develop their comprehension and critical thinking! They are universal and editable to use a pinch for any lesson- homework or for an in class activity!

History Graphic Organizers Included in this Bundle

  • Cause and Effect Chart - with digging deeper questions
  • Compare & Contrast - with digging deeper questions
  • Timeline Flowchart - with digging deeper questions
  • Civilization Characteristics - geography, politics, social structure, economy, culture
  • Leader Profiles - Great for mini biographies of historical figures!
  • Primary Source Analysis Sheet - SCOAPS: get students to source artifacts and documents 
  • Image & Cartoon Analysis Sheet - with scaffold questions to develop critical thinking
  • Vocabulary Practice - define, draw, and identify a 'connection word' to support comprehension

Save yourself, time, stress, and energy with these skill-building graphic organizers for social studies! Discounted when you buy the whole bundle! They will really help students learn history and remember key events and concepts!

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