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History Lab Template

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Inquiry is a way to make history exciting and engaging for students and these sheets help students work through the inquiry process. This universal template could be used for any history inquiry lesson- either digitally or printed out.

All the teacher needs is an 'investigation' question and a few documents and the rest of the sheet will help students analyze the documents, sources, and support them finding a thoughtful answer to the question! Inquiry can be a scary for teachers and students- but this will help take out some of the fear and put in a lot more fun and excitement.

Inquiry means students explore the past through sources and artifacts to discover what happened and come to their own conclusions while developing essential critical thinking skills in the process instead of just being told what happened in the past. Isn't that so much more exciting and interesting? It transforms your room from a place where content is packaged up and served to students to an environment of exploration, curiosity, and thoughtful debate and discussion.  See previews for more details.

Get kids excited with these "History Detective" inquiry sheets! 

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