Full Year US History Curriculum & Lessons Bundle

Full Year US History Curriculum & Lessons Bundle

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This is a full-year US History video curriculum and lesson plans unlike any other! If you want to stop lecturing so much and instead just explore history with your students, this is exactly what you need!


All the lessons and resources go with my engaging youtube history videos made specifically for high school students! And this makes for a perfect homeschool US History curriculum for high school or even upper middle school students! There is no video US History curriculum that is developed with diverse learners in mind and with all resources needed for complete and engaging lesson plans!  The videos can replace or supplement your lectures and/or textbook readings.

Check out this episode on "Women in World War II and the Real Rosie the Riveter." History For Humans episodes are designed like lesson plans- beginning with a hook and exploration question, key vocabulary terms are defined to help visual learners and challenging concepts are explained clearly, and best of all it teaches through the power of story! We know stories are how all humans, especially young learners, make sense of the world so why just lecture when you can "story-lecture?" Lectures are forgettable, stories make a lasting imprint!

While my units do not cover 100% of all state history standards, they do cover the vast majority of the concepts, terms, events, people, and ideas from each period in US History from the Gilded Age to the 1970s! They can replace your lectures and most textbook readings and they ensure an in-depth understanding of the most important events in US History II! They are perfect for distance learning or a flipped classroom!


  • 32 Engaging Story-lectures
  • Interactive Notesheets that accompany each episode
  • Google Form Quizzes for each episode
  • Extensions Lessons and Activities that foster historical thinking skills!

All episodes come with an interactive note sheet that gets students to make predictions, analyze an image, define terms, and complete a cause and effect chart at the end. Then there are quick auto-graded Google Form quizzes to check for understanding from the video. All lessons also include an extension activity that has students dive deeper into the topic of the video. For instance, after watching the video learning about Jacob Riis and the New Immigrants and urbanization, students complete a mini-DBQ analyzing primary sources including a diagram, photograph, and text excerpt. There are scaffolded questions to support students for each source and then they write a mini-essay answering the inquiry question!

My focus for the history activities is to foster critical thinking and the development of historical thinking skills from souring documents, developing historical empathy, recognizing point-of-view and bias, chronological reasoning, comparison, evaluating evidence, etc.

The extension lessons take between 40-60 minutes (which makes it about a 90-100 minutes include the video, note sheet and quiz) and include everything you need, so no textbook or internet is required. Within each unit, activities are varied to keep students engaged and include activities like timelines, creating political cartoons, analyzing propaganda or historical photographs, lots of readings of primary sources, simulations like shark-tank activities, or solving the Cuban Missile Crisis, some mini-DBQs and mini-essays.

 While tasks are challenging there are always built-in supports for diverse learners. They all foster historical thinking skills and get them to connect to history in a meaningful way. And there are answer keys for everything!

 This is an evolving and growing bundle and if you purchase at the current discounted price- you will get free lifetime updates which will include unit projects, many bonus episodes, semester and final exams and more!


Unit 1- Gilded Age and Industrialization

Unit 2- Progressive Era

Unit 3- American Imperialism

Unit 4- World War I

Unit 5- The Roaring 1920s

Unit 6- Great Depression and New Deal

Unit 7- World War II

Unit 8- Cold War at Home and Abroad

Unit 9- Civil Rights Movement

Unit 10- The Stormy 60s and 70s (*to be added in October)