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American History Video Lesson Plans

Full Year US History Video Curriculum - Gilded Age to 1970s

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United States History Video Curriculum, Lesson Plans, & Activities!

This is a full-year US History video curriculum unlike any other! If you want to lecture less and engage more- spend your precious time actually working with and supporting students as they learn, than this is for you!

Of course, all teachers use videos in their history classrooms - but our videos have full lesson plans that go with each video and then extend the learning with an engaging activity to dig deeper into the topic of the video!

Our video lessons are not just lectures either - they are taught through the power of story since that is what makes history relevant for students and helps them connect and understand the material. All episodes are still aligned with state standards and cover the majority of essential concepts in US History II.

Like Crash-Course US History, but student friendly and complete with full lesson plans for each video!

ūüĎÄSee the picture preview below to see how each history video lesson is structured.

As an award-winning teacher of 12 years, video lessons completely changed my classroom and freed up my time to actually be engaging with kids as they learned, while allowing students to learn at their own pace! This engaging high school history curriculum is a game changer!

Best Homeschool History Curriculum

Check out this free sample lesson on the Spanish-American War to see how our resources can transform your classroom.

ūüďö¬†Our¬†videos can replace or supplement many of your lectures and textbook readings!


  • 32 Engaging Videos Lessons
  • Interactive Notesheets that accompany each episode
  • Google Form Quizzes for each episode to check for understanding
  • Extensions Lessons and Activities that foster historical thinking skills!¬†


     1. All episodes in our video history curriculum come with an interactive note sheet that gets students to make predictions, analyze an anchor image, define terms, and complete a cause and effect chart at the end.

    2. Then there are quick auto-graded Google Form quizzes to check for understanding from the video.

    3. All lessons also include an extension activity that has students dive deeper into the topic of the video. For instance, after watching the video learning about Jacob Riis and the New Immigrants and urbanization, students complete a mini-DBQ analyzing primary sources with scaffolds for struggling learners. 

Activities That Build Historical Thinking Skills 

Our focus for the history activities is to foster critical thinking and the development of historical thinking skills from souring documents, developing historical empathy, recognizing point-of-view and bias, chronological reasoning, comparison, evaluating evidence, and developing writing skills as well!

These extension lessons take between 40-60 minutes (which makes it about 90-110 minutes including the video, note sheet, and quiz) and include everything you need, so no textbook or internet research is required.

Within each unit, activities are varied to keep students engaged and include activities like timelines, creating political cartoons, analyzing propaganda or historical photographs, lots of readings of primary sources, simulations like shark-tank activities, or solving the Cuban Missile Crisis, some mini-DBQs and mini-essays. And there are answer keys for everything! 

While tasks are challenging there are always built-in supports for diverse learners. They all build historical thinking skills and get them to connect to history in a meaningful way. As a title-1 teacher in a public school, I know how hard it is to find lessons that can challenge but also support students as they build critical thinking skills. 

This makes an excellent special education history curriculum for that reason- not to mention students can learn at their own pace, slow down the video, and rewatch the material as needed! 



Unit 1- Gilded Age and Industrialization
1) Standard Oil & The Rise of Big Business
2) Haymarket Square Riot & Industrial Workers
3) "How the Other Half Lived"- Immigration & Urbanization
4) Tammany Hall, & Gilded Age Corruption

Unit 2- Progressive Era 
1) The Triangle Factory Fire & Start of the Progressive Era
2) Roosevelt's Progressivism & Conservation
3) "The Night of Terror" & Women's Suffrage

Unit 3- American Imperialism
1) The Press Wars & The Spanish-American War
2) Panama Canal & Roosevelt's Big Stick

Unit 4- World War I
1) The Lusitania and America's Entrance to WWI
2) Free Speech on the Homefront- Debs & Sedition
3) Harlem Hellfighters & African Americans in WWI
4) Wilson & The Failed League of Nations

Unit 5- The Roaring 1920s
1) Scopes Trial & Cultural Conflicts of the Twenties
2) Al Capone & Prohibition: The St. Valentine's Massacre
3) Margaret Sanger, Flappers - The Birth Control Revolution

Unit 6- Great Depression and New Deal
1) Stock Market Crash & Causes of the Great Depression
2) Living Through the Dust Bowl & Great Depression
3) FDR's First 100 Days & the New Deal

Unit 7- World War II 
1) Pearl Harbor- From Isolation to War!
2) The Real Rosie: Women in WWII
3) D-Day & The War in Europe
4) Dropping the A-Bombs & The War in the Pacific

Unit 8- Cold War at Home and Abroad
1) Berlin Airlift & Start of the Cold War
2) McCarthy's Rise & Fall & The Second Red Scare
3) The Cuban Missile Crisis

Unit 9- Civil Rights Movement 
1) Emmett Till & Start of C.R.M.
2) The Sit-Ins & Early C.R.M.
3) MLK vs. MX: Two Visions for Civil Rights
4) The Olympic Protest & The Black Power Movement 

This is a great way to transform learning in your classroom and makes an amazing homeschool history curriculum. For parents looking for an engaging history curriculum for homeschool, this is a fantastic choice!


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