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Travel Blog and Brochure Templates! Explore Historical Places!

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Have students take virtual field trips and create travel blogs or brochures to learn history in a fun way! Make history come alive by having students pretend they witnessed famous historical events like the painting of the Sistine Chapel, the Battle of Gettysburg, or explored Ancient China. Better than a simple report or essay- this develops critical thinking skills and while engaging kids in a more real-life task! 

There are several different templates available for you to choose from with notes on why each one may be more fitting for your particular lesson or topic. And they are all editable so you can make changes to better fit your needs. 

I really love having students pretend they actually visited a past civilization or country when they create their history brochures or history travel blogs rather than just create an overview of the civilization or event. Its so much more engaging to have students put themselves into the past and this also develops synthesis and story telling skills as students have turn historical facts into a narrative or experience (even if its fictional - or historical fiction, right😜?)

Transform your classroom into a magical place with these history travel brochures and blogs! 

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