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Colonial America Bellworks - Predictions!
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Colonial America Bellworks - Predictions!

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Colonial America  US History bellworks!

These "Prediction Bellworks" are the best way I know of to start class and to get students bought into the lesson while also helping them to stay engaged throughout the lesson!

Prediction bellworks turn learning goals into prediction questions so that students start-off by taking a logical guess about what they might learn and what history will unfold over the course of the lesson!

Topics included in this bundle:

  1. Columbus landing in America
  2. Columbian Exchange
  3. The Mystery at Roanoke
  4. Surviving in Jamestown
  5. Captain Smith’s Leaderships at Jamestown
  6. The start of slavery in America
  7. The Tobacco Economy
  8. Puritans & “A City Upon a Hill”
  9. Dissenters in Massachusetts Bay
  10. King Phillip’s War
  11. Pennsylvania’s Holy Experiment
  12. Democratic Developments in the Colonies
  13. The Great Awakening

Prediction bellworks are awesome because they:

  • When students make predictions, they have ‘skin in the game.’ It increases motivation to learn by giving students something to pay attention to and see if they’re right or not. Doing this in the first minutes of class, can make students more curious about a topic they otherwise wouldn’t really care about.

  • It improves learner outcomes because students are more likely to remember the lesson since they had something at stake during the lesson. When they finally discover if they’re correct or not, the lesson is more likely to ‘stick’ since students have an emotional investment in the topic.

  • If you do this routinely, it will become very efficient and students will feel very confident every time they come to your class!

Sample Prediction bellwork:

The Print Out Version:

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