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Full Year AP US History Activity &Skill-Building Workbooks!

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These history workbooks help students build the skills, master the content, and develop test-taking strategies to be ready to crush the AP US History Exam by May.  These workbooks are amazing APUSH test practice and give guided support and tips on how to write the DBQ, the SAQ, write thesis statements and master the MCQ (multiple choice questions) while gaining mastery of the essential content for all nine periods of AP US History. The most useful study guide for AP US History you will find!

Upon purchase, you receive a digital copy of all periods 1-9 AP US History workbooks. They are easily printed as foldable workbooks or as full-page booklets. Both are great!

What These AP US History Workbooks Include 

These AP US History booklets have one purpose- to make students successful and prepare them for the AP exam. They carefully scaffolds skills from one period to the next so students can learn to write the DBQ effectively, master the SAQ, build historical thinking skills, clear up misconceptions, improve on MCQs, and learn where many students make mistakes. These 16-page booklets (except for periods one and nine which are 14) focus on the most important terms and themes of each period so the complexity of the course becomes more clear and easier to retain. 

Each booklet builds on the skills and content knowledge from the previous one and ensures students have the historical thinking skills needed for APUSH- comparison, comparison, contextualization, chronological reasoning, cause and effect, and change and continuity over time. Students practice thesis writing with suggested sentence frames, mini-DBQs, SAQS (short answer questions), timelines, and get test-taking tips for the multiple-choice. The history workbooks also allows students to reflect on what they learned and where they struggled, while also having some fun making memes for the most commonly misunderstood concepts. 

I am a veteran APUSH teacher and I include all the tools for success that I have been able to teach my students in my 11 years of teaching APUSH into these booklets. I wholeheartedly stand by them and guarantee it helps build your students' confidence for the AP exam in May! 

The workbooks allows for creativity and artistic expression while being both rigorous and approachable. Best of all, these APUSH workbooks work with any textbook and serve as excellent reviews for the AP exam in May.  


Teachers can choose to hand them out at the beginning of units, as a review at the end, or even as the ultimate review work before the midterm or AP test in May. They can be completed in class or for homework saving teachers tons of time and prep, worksheets, and direct instruction on how to develop essential skills needed for the AP test. Need help with a review before the final exam? Hand out these two weeks before the test- it has everything you and they need for an APUSH study guide!

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