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Great Depression & New Deal Lesson Bundle

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Three dramatic video-lessons begin with the stock market crash and the causes of the Great Depression, how the Dust Bowl and depression impacted Americans, and how President Roosevelt’s New Deal forever changed the role of government. Check out this one:

This bundle comes with a student-friendly workbook with all the lessons and activities in it! It is 100% editable and will help you and your students stay organized throughout this awesome unit. 👀 Check out the previews to see how the workbooks and lessons are organized.   

Each video-lesson includes

1) Interactive, Follow-Along Notesheet
2) Quick Quiz
3) Extension Activity

US History Video Curriculum


The first episode covers how the stock market crash triggered the great depression  but it also unpacks the other causes of the Great Depression. The next episode teaches the amazing story of the Dust Bowl and how it affected families living through it while also unpacking how average Americans were impacted by the Great Depression. The last episode covers the transformative first 100 days and President Roosevelt's New Deal and how it forever transformed the American government.


Each episode also has an extension lesson to dive deeper into the topic that helps build historical thinking skills.

1. A stations activity to learn the major causes of the Great Depression

2. Analyze primary sources: a song, a letter, and photographs to understand how the Dust Bowl impacted Americans. They then have to write a letter themselves as if they lived through the Dust Bowl.

3. Amazing 'Shark-Tank' like lesson where students evaluate New Deal Programs, scrap one, advocate for one, and then create their own!

All lessons have supports and scaffolds for diverse learners and answer keys for everything! ✅

To learn more, you can check out the individual lessons for this unit here.

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