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Looking for an activity that will really excite students and get them engaged in history? Well, put students in the driver seat of history and act as the president for 9 major crises in US history! In these lessons, students act as presidents from Theodore Roosevelt to Nixon!


  1. T. Roosevelt & the Coal Crisis 

  2. Wilson & Neutrality or Enter WWI

  3. Hoover & the Bonus Army

  4. FDR & the Banking Crisis & New Deal

  5. FDR & Neutrality vs Lend Lease

  6. Truman & the Berlin Airlift

  7. JFK & the Cuban Missile Crisis

  8. LBJ & the Great Society (create 3 programs!)

  9. Nixon & Opening China

These presidential decisions activities, has students work in groups (it could be done individually or pairs, but its best as a group of 3-4), taking on different roles- as president and advisors to problem solving a real historical crisis together! Thats how you make history come alive!

 First, you review a timeline of important events that led to the crisis to help students understand factors leading to the issue. Then there is a short 'context' overview slide that breaks down the crisis into a very understandable language. Then, students read a 1.5-2 page 'Presidential Briefing' and complete the 'Presidential Decisions' worksheet.  

The worksheet has students consider important questions a president must consider before coming to a decision- what do we know about this issue, what limitations do I have, what does the Constitution allow me to do, what do I wish the result to be, what could go wrong, how do the American people feel on this issue, and many several more. 

This gets students to really think deeply and take problem-solving seriously and will make history interesting for students as they think critically and creatively! And they will get so much better throughout the year if you purchase this bundle! Students will get excited every time you break out these activities!

Then, students write a speech announcing their decision. This could be read to the class so students learn how each group approached the crisis. Lastly, you review what the president actually did to handle this situation. On the slideshow, it reviews this so you can just discuss it with students.

These are fun US history activities that are still rigorous and skill building! 

This has everything you need to complete the activity- no outside resources are needed! While these are fun history activities, they are still rigorous!


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