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The Early Republic Unit Bundle | 4 Video Lessons

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This bundle covers the Articles of Confederation and the writing of the Constitution, President Washington, President Adams, and President Jefferson all go with videos like this one!

 For all episodes students complete follow-along interactive notesheets to build comprehension and critical thinking which align with state history standards. Each notesheet starts with a warm-up, has fill-in-the-blank, comprehension and critical thinking questions, a fun little quiz and closes with a thinking map to demonstrate what they learned.

How to use these history video lessons

Then students complete a quick auto-graded Google form quiz (PDF also available), and then an extension activity for each video that dives deeper into the ideas of the video. For the first episode, students read more about the Articles and Constitution and create a Venn Diagram and then answer a couple of critical thinking questions. For the Washington lesson, they compare the portraits of President Washington and King George III to analyze visual media and compare kings to presidents, for Adams they create a campaign poster for his reelection based on his achievements and beliefs, and for Jefferson, they read about 5 challenges he faced and make a decision about what they would have done! The lessons are engaging and build critical thinking skills while providing supports for diverse learners.

 As a bonus, there is a unit test in a PDF file. The notesheets act as a study guides and all the test questions, which are mostly multiple-choice and some fill-in-the-blank, come from those sheets.

The Early Republic Lesson Plans: 4 Powerful Videos & Activities

Episode one teaches students the problems with the Articles of Confederation, the Constitutional Convention, the big debates, and the ratification process, and explains the government the Constitution created that we still have today.

Episode two teaches the major events of Washington's Presidency- how he worked to unify the nation, the debate over the bank, the Whiskey Rebellion, the Neutrality Proclamation, and his Farewell Address to understand the impact he had on all later presidents.

Episode three teaches Adams' presidency and the conflicts he faced- especially with France and the Quasi-War and the XYZ Affair, but also how this led to bitter divides in the nation. 

Episode four teaches the main events of Jefferson's Presidency and how he tried to reduce the size and powers of the federal government but couldn't always do so. It covers the Louisiana Purchase, the Corps of Discovery, and the Embargo Act.

So, cut the lecture and spend your valuable time supporting and engaging with students! ; )

And there are answer keys for everything! 

A video history curriculum that has everything ready to engage your students! This is also great for your homeschool history curriculum as well.  

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