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history homeschool curriculum
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Full Year US History Curriculum | Colonies to Civil War

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Get kids loving history in your classroom!  Lecture less and engage more! This is a full year US History curriculum like no other. All lessons go with videos like this one on "The Road to the Civil War" and allow you to lecture less and engage more. 

With full lesson plans for all videos, you can actually spend your time connecting with and supporting students as they learn, rather than just planning, prepping, and delivering content. That means you can do what you are most effective at- actually helping students!

As students watch the videos (at their own pace!) they complete an interactive notesheet with a warm up, fill-in-the-blanks, comprehension and critical thinking questions, and a thinking map or wrap-up activity to ensure students review what they learned! These ensure students understand the history, reflect on, and think deeply about it!  

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Next there is a quick auto-graded Google form quiz (a pdf is also available) to check for understanding and give kids instant feedback on their learning. Then there is an extension activity that gets students to dive deeper into the topic of the video. This might be a map activity, a primary source reading, an illustrative timeline, mini-DBQ, writing a post card from the perspective of a historical figure, and more! While they are fun and engaging, they also build historical thinking skills and go along with state standards (as do all the videos!). They are varied to keep kids interested and the learning fresh!


This US History I video curriculum is made especially for 5-8 grades.

This is click and deliver engagement that will save you time, stress, and energy so you can enjoy teaching and exploring history with your students! And there are answer keys for everything!


1) Colonial America

  • Surviving Jamestown
  • Puritan New England
  • Pennsylvania: The "Holy Experiment"

2) Revolutionary America

  • The French and Indian War
  • The Road to Revolution
  • Declaring Independence: The Ideas that Build the Nation
  • Fighting for & Achieving Independence 

3) The Early Republic

  • The Articles & the Constitution
  • Washington's Presidency: Inventing the Presidency
  • John Adams' Presidency: Troubled Waters
  • The Revolution of 1800 & President Jefferson

4) Antebellum America

  • Jacksonian Democracy?
  • Women's Changing Roles
  • Slavery in Cotton Kingdom
  • The Market & Transportation Revolution 

5) Westward Expansion

  • The Trail of Tears
  • The Alamo: Death of Glory- beyond the myth
  • The Mexican-American War & Manifest Destiny
  • The Gold Rush and the 49ers

6) The Civil War

  • The Road to Secession
  • Lincoln and the Emancipation Proclamation
  • The Civil War Battles 1: A Hope Remains
  • The Civil War Battles 2: A New Birth of Freedom


  • The Real History of Thanksgiving
  • History of Halloween & its Traditions
  • Women Spies of the Civil War
  • African American Spies of the Civil War

This works perfect for teachers looking to lecture less and it makes for a great history homeschool curriculum. For parents looking for history video curriculum for history, look no further!

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