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AP US History DBQs bundle
AP US History DBQ Practice Sheets- All Units Bundle

AP US History DBQ Practice Sheets- All Units Bundle

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TRUST ME- We all are!  But this one-of-a-kind practice AP US History DBQ worksheets got your back! The purpose of this DBQ bundle is to do one thing- make sure students are ready to CRUSH THE APUSH DBQ by May.

This is a bundle of 13 practice DBQ worksheets to develop students' skills for the APUSH DBQ one step at a time! These are quick and easy for students to practice writing short structured DBQ paragraphs and they are quick and easy for you to grade!

These can be completed in class or as homework and should take students between 25-40 minutes but can be extended to a longer lesson if the teacher desires students to grade and pair share one another's writing. Each one is carefully created to scaffold the skills from one period to the next so students have time to develop each skill on how to successfully write an APUSH DBQ by exam time! 

Each one is a two-page worksheet. (see previews)  Page one gives the prompt and a document followed by two writing samples. One is a poorly written exemplar to show students the common mistakes students make and it breaks down what is wrong with it. Next is a strongly written exemplar that teach how to correctly use the document with explanations on WHY they are well written. This really helps students learn to write the DBQ because it shows them what a good DBQ paragraph looks like! 

Page 2 gives one or two more documents for the same prompt and space for students to write a paragraph or two. By using the exemplars from page one, students are able to write a high-quality analysis of the documents entirely on their own. After a few of these, students will gain confidence and improve on their writing and being a quick task- students will not dread writing them as they often do when they hear DBQ!

As an added bonus, I have included my templates and DBQ analysis sheet to successfully write the full DBQ essay when you assign those separately. Again these have tips and pointers to help students as they write!

If you are struggling with how to teach the DBQ or your students are struggling with writing good DBQs, I guarantee these sheets will help! I have taught APUSH for ten years, and these have helped all my students greatly improve on their AP exam DBQ performance and I am confident they will also help you and your students! I went from having an average of 30% pass the test to 75% pass the test at a Title One school when I used these and my workbooks.

If you are not 100% satisfied, just email me within two weeks and you will receive a full refund. 

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