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ice breaker activity for history class
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Get to Know You - Ice Breaker Activity for History Class!

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What could be better than a history themed ice-breaker activity!? Get your kids having fun conversations about interesting historical topics and events while they get to know each other! This is a four-corners activity with 15 historical themed questions to spark conversations and new friendships!

These are not boring questions they have heard 100 times before that your lame neighbor teacher is using- but exciting questions like "would you rather have cheered for a gladiator at the Roman Colosseum or shopped at a Silk Road market in China?" "Would you rather have fought in a famous battle, sailed to an unknown land, mummified a pharaoh, or driven the first ever automobile?" Dare your students to not be interested.

And for your introverted students who are not up for high level interactions the first week, they can work independently and simply circle with the draggable red icon for each slide for their choice t and type their response in the notes section so you know they are still thinking! (They will really appreciate you for allowing this differentiation!)

⚠️WARNING: Your students might develop a fascination with history and not want to stop talking about these topics for days! Teacher beware!

So, start your school year with a spark. This is a super engaging first day or first week activity for history class! I know your kids will love it!

This engaging ice-breaker activity for history class can be completed in as little as 20 minutes to 45, depending on the lengths of the conversations and discussion you want.

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