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Jacksonian Democracy Unit Bundle

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All four lessons from this Antebellum America bundle go with videos like this one, "Slavery and King Cotton."

How to Use These Jacksonian Democracy Lesson Plans 

For all episodes students complete follow-along interactive notesheets to build comprehension and critical thinking which align with state history standards. Each notesheet starts with a warm-up, has fill-in-the-blank, comprehension and critical thinking questions, a fun little quiz and closes with a thinking map to demonstrate what they learned.

Then students complete an extension activity for each video that dives deeper into the ideas of the video. For the first episode, students complete a reading and create an illustrated collage of the major events of Andrew Jackson's presidency. For the next episode, they read a primary source and answer questions. Then they listen to "Black Spirituals" and read lyrics to learn how music and religion impacted the culture of enslaved people. Lastly, students complete a map activity on the market revolution. Activities are varied to ensure students stay interested and build different skills for social studies. Great videos and skill-building activities make this an amazing Jacksonian Democracy Bundle. 

As a bonus, there is a unit test in a PDF file. The notesheets act as study guides and all the test questions, which are mostly multiple-choice and some fill-in-the-blank, come from those sheets.

Episode one teaches students how "Jacksonian Democracy" spread democratic values to nearly all white men. But it also teaches how others were left out, ignored, and suffered at the time and it also covers the major events of Jackson's presidency like the Bank War, the Trail of Tears, and the Spoils System.

Episode two teaches how women's roles were transformed at this time as they entered the workforce as "Factory Girls", the cult of domesticity, and how reform movements like temperance and abolition led to the Women's Suffrage Movement.

Episode three teaches how the cotton gin led to increased profits for southern planters at the expense of enslaved people who also fought back in rebellions and through the Underground Railroad, and how they developed a unique culture of their own. They learn about how music and religion sustained them in the face of miserable conditions and oppressive treatment.

Lastly, students learn how a market and transportation revolution impacted farmers with John Deere's steel plow and the McCormick Reaper, industrial growth in the north with textile mills and inventions of interchangeable parts, and improved trade and transportation changed the country forever.

So, cut the lecture and spend your valuable time supporting and engaging with students! ; )

And there are answer keys for everything!


1) Jacksonian Democracy...for some
2) Women's Roles in the 1800s
3) Slavery and King Cotton
4) The Market Revolution

With this US History video curriculum you can spend more supporting students and less time lecturing! Take back your time, teachers with these US history lesson plans! 

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