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AP US History Full Year Review For the AP Exam!

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Engaging APUSH Review Activities! 

Get your students ready for the AP US History Exam with these review slides for periods 1-9!  

The tasks are comprehensive and cover all the major themes and content of APUSH but completing them is not such a burden or overwhelming for students! There are many matching, sorting, and timeline activities that do not require tons of writing but still help students make connections, review the material, and understand the main ideas of the unit. And they are so much easier to grade for you!

There are also some open-ended questions for each period, some practice with the skills needed for the FRQs with mini-writing tasks and pointers on how to improve their writing! 

And after all the review activities for each period, there is a 10-20 question G-Form quiz for extra practice! I tell my students to take the quiz until they get a 100%. Lots of practice & learning! 

This can be completed as a Pear Deck assignment or students can just work right on the Google Slides- your choice. (I prefer Pear Deck)

I have my students do these together in class in small groups so it also leads to a lot of co-teaching and discussing of ideas which also helps them retain and remember key ideas for the exam.

There are answer keys provided for everything!

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