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Antebellum Women Lesson - Changing Roles of Women

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Antebellum Women Video Lesson

These resources go with this video on, "Women in the Age of Reform."


1) Interactive, Follow-Along Notesheet
2) Quick Quiz
3) Extension Activity

US History Video curriculum for middle schoolWhat Students Learn

Through the video and notes students learn the status of women in the 1800s, the changes brought by the Cult of Domesticity, and how women's roles began changing due to the market economy- the factory girls earned wages and independence but also fought for their rights and tried to form unions. Other women were sparked by the Second Great Awakening and joined reform movements. They learn about Dorothea Dix and her work with the mentally ill, the American Temperance Society, and the Abolitionist movement, Lastly, the video teaches how the first women's rights movement in American history emerged with the Seneca Falls Convention but the fight would take decades longer.

 The lessons cover state-standards while making sure the content is still interesting.

Antebellum Women: Primary Source Activity

After the video, notes, and quiz, students read a primary source (with supports!) on the first fight for women's rights from Lucy Stone. Students answer scaffolded questions to support deeper level thinking. 

There are answer keys for everything! Click & deliver engagement! This is a history video curriculum like no other! 

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Great US History lesson plan for the classroom and for your homeschool history curriculum. 

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