Civil War Lesson Women Spies in the Civil War
Women Spies in the Civil War Video lesson
Spies of the Civil War Lesson
Women in the Civil War Lesson Plan
Women in the Civil War Lesson Plan

Women in the Civil War Lesson Plan | 3 Amazing Spies

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Discover the lives of 3 amazing women spies of the Civil War- Elizabeth Van Lew, Sarah Edmonds, and Belle Boyd through this History For Humans video lesson!


The video lesson on the Civil War is meant for grades 4-8 and taught with best practices- with a hook, lesson objective, defined vocabulary, and text support for essential ideas to help visual learners, as well as powerful images to bring the lives of women spies to life for young learners and some humor too!

Do you know why the Union spy was fired? She lacked the intelligence! 🤣

The video focused on women spies in the Civil War teaches how women were denied many opportunities in the war but shined as spies. On their notesheets they record details about the amazing lives of Sarah Edmonds, Elizabeth Van Lew, and Belle Boyd as well as some fill-in-the-blanks to ensure comprehension of key ideas. In the end, students 'reflect and connect' to history by writing about which spy they thought was most amazing and heroic using evidence from the video or their notesheets.

Extension Lesson on Civil War Spies:

There is also an extension activity for students to read about how everyday women during the Civil War participated as secret agents like hiding weapons in their hoop dresses, maps in their hair, secret messages in hollowed-out eggs, and more! They then answer some comprehension and critical thinking questions! 

🕵️‍♀️ Excellent for women's history month or an excellent Civil War lesson on women's roles during the conflict!


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