The Real Rosie the Riveter & Women in World War II

Rosie the Riveter, Women & the World War II Homefront
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In this Women in World War II lesson plan, students learn the amazing story of the real Rosie the Riveter, Namoi Parker Fraley, tens of thousands of other Rosies, and the lives of women during World War II.  Students learn how Rosie the Riveter represented tens of thousands of women who worked in defense plants during the war and how at home women and children were leading patriotic households rationing, recycling, buying liberty bonds, and planting victory gardens.  Students also learn about the real woman behind the famous, “We Can Do It” poster in a story they won’t forget!


Inquiry lesson exploring the many ways women contributed to the war effort- from working in factories to serving in uniform. Students analyze photographs, propaganda posters, and text to explore the many ways women played an essential role in the defeat of the Axis Powers in this engaging women in World War II lesson plan!

Skill Development: Analyzing propaganda, reading comprehension, making conclusions.