The Harlem Hellfighters & African Americans in WWI

The Harlem Hellfighters and African Americans in World War One
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In this World War I lesson plan, students explore the amazingly heroic Harlem Hellfighters and their triumphs in the trenches despite America’s treatment of African Americans at home and overseas. 


Lesson Overview

This episode focuses on the Harlem Hellfighters in WWI but also unpacks the overall African American experience during the Great War.  The third part of History For Humans' World War One series, tells of the triumphs and challenges that confronted the Harlem Hellfighters, the 369th Infantry Regiment, as they fought to protect and transform America as well as the race riots and Great Migration on the homefront. Students are left to consider the importance of remembering and learning history since the Hellfighters were nearly erased from history despite their heroic achievements.

What Students Do

Students compare two primary sources, one from WEB DuBois, regarding how African Americans should fight to secure Civil Rights after their service in the war before deciding who had the better approach.

Skill Development: Analyzing primary sources, critiquing arguments, comparison, argumentative writing.