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Slavery and King Cotton

Slavery and King Cotton

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These resources go with this video on, "Slavery and the Lives of the Enslaved in Cotton Kingdom" by History For Humans.

The video teaches how the cotton gin transformed slavery in the South as cotton became very profitable. Students learn how while the north prohibited slavery, they also needed it for their textile mills and about the lives of the enslaved people in the South. It teaches the hardships and work they did, living situation, and also the unique culture that developed including how music and religious practices helped them get by. Lastly, they learn how enslaved people resisted and sometimes fought back- including Nat Turner's Rebellion.


As students watch they complete an interactive notesheet. It starts with a warmup, has fill-in-the-blank to support note-taking, comprehension and critical thinking questions, and a thinking map at the end to demonstrate their learning.

The video helps visual learners with on-screen text of the main ideas, powerful images, and it reviews the important concepts to ensure comprehension. Cut the lecture and spend more time working with students and supporting their learning with this video lesson!  


After the video, students complete a quick auto-graded Google Form quiz (a PDF is also available) to check for understanding. Then, there is an optional extension activity that has students listen and read to "Black Spirituals" to learn how songs and music not only helped the enslaved find meaning and express their sorrows while also sometimes encoding messages on how to escape to the north on the Underground Railroad. Music and songs give us a unique look into the lives of enslaved people and their culture and your students will definitely remember this lesson!

✅ There are answer keys for everything!

Great US History lesson plan for the classroom and for your homeschool history curriculum. 

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