Margret Sanger, the Flappers, & the Birth Control Movement

Women in the 1920s: Marget Sanger, Flappers, and the Birth Control Revolution
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This 1920s lesson plan focuses on Margaret Sanger and her mission to secure birth control and contraceptives for women in America. This episode also covers the flappers and women's changing roles in the 1920s. However, it does not talk about abortion! As a story-lecture, it also unpacks the context surrounding Sanger and covers how women in the 1920s experienced new roles and opportunities- from the free-wheeling flappers to the new working and domestic woman.


Inquiry lesson exploring the differences between the Flapper and the previous Gibson Girl by analyzing photographs and a letter from a flapper to discover how the flapper transformed American womanhood in the 1920s lesson plan.

Skill Development: Comparison, change and continuity over time, using evidence to make conclusions.