Revolutionary war battles video lesson
revolutionary war battles video lesson
middle school revolutionary war lesson plan
revolutionary war video lesson
engaging valley forge activity
us history video curriculum for middle school

Fighting The Revolutionary War

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A Revolutionary War Lesson Plan Sure to Engage & Excite! 

These resources go with this video on the "Revolutionary War Battles & Victory."

This US history video lesson allows you to cut the lecture so you can spend your time supporting and connecting with students as they learn at their own pace.


1) Interactive, Follow-Along Notesheet
2) Quick Quiz
3) Extension Activity

middle school history video curriculum


The driving question of the video is 'what factors and battles led the Americans to victory in the Revolutionary War?" The video teaches the major battles- Lexington & Concord, Bunker Hill, Long Island, Trenton, Saratoga, and Yorktown. But it also teaches how Washington was able to keep the army together despite blunders and a near-total loss of hope including the suffering at Valley Forge. Students learn how the Continental Army, with support from the French, was finally able to achieve independence in the Treaty of Paris. A perfect supplement or replacement for a textbook reading or lecture when teaching the Revolutionary War! 

***The lessons cover state-standards while making sure the content is still interesting. 


After the video, notes, and quiz, students read more about the experiences at Valley Forge for soldiers, officers, and even the women camp followers and then design and write a postcard to a loved one detailing their experiences at the frigid winter encampment.

There are answer keys for everything! Click & deliver engagement! This is a history video curriculum like no other! 

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Cut the Lecture and Up the Engagement with this US History Video Lesson!

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