President Roosevelt and the New Deal

Franklin Roosevelt, the New Deal, and his Revolutionary First 100 Days
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In this New Deal lesson plan, students learn why President Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal and especially his first 100 days in office were some of the most transformative in all of American history.  This episode teaches the story of how FDR's New Deal tried to combat the Great Depression and heal the soul of the nation.  It covers the depths of depression, the election of 1932, how his first actions to save the banking industry was helped with policies and his fireside chats, and many New Deal programs from the first 100 days including, FERA, CCC, PWA, AAA, TVA, and the NRA and Roosevet’s critics.


A Brain Trust Simulation: Students evaluate New Deal Programs, scrap one, promote one, and create their own! In groups or individually, students read about several New Deal programs, decide on one to get rid of, one to prompte for being the most helpful, and create a new, original program to address needs not met by the others in this engaging New Deal lesson plan!

Skill Development: evaluation, persuasive writing and speaking (optional), brainstorming, and design thinking, collaboration & cooperation.