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causes of the civil war lesson plan
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Causes of the Civil War Lesson History For Humans

Causes of the Civil War Lesson

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ThisĀ Civil War lesson plan teaches the causes of the civil and the events that led to secession and Civil War. Students learn about how slavery, westward expansion, and the election of President LincolnĀ causedĀ the Civil War.

Students complete an interactive note sheet with fill-in-the-blanks, critical thinking open-ended questions, a quick map activity, a political cartoon activity and more! The video teaches in a way to support diverse learners with text on screen and powerful historical images to bring history to life. The fill-in-the-blanks ensure understanding of the main ideas and the critical thinking questions and tasks to get students to develop higher-order thinking skills. Then there is an optional reading activity for students that has them read a slightly modified primary source- South Carolina's Declaration of Secession to learn what caused them to secede- fear of the federal government interfering with their state's rights to slavery.

Ā The video covers how North and South differed over the issue of slavery, how Uncle Tom's Cabin moved many more northerners to oppose the institution, how westward expansion led to more tensions since it could upset the balance of power, the Kansas-Nebraska Act and Bleeding Kansas. Finally, they learn how the election of Abraham Lincoln caused South Carolina and others to secede and how that led to the opening shots at Fort Sumter.Ā 

After the video, students complete a quick, auto-graded Google Form quiz (a printable PDF is also available) to check for understanding. Next, there is an extension lesson that has students read a primary source on South Carolina's secession and answer scaffolded questions to develop reading & historical thinking skills.

If you want a Civil War lesson plan that ensures students understand the main causes of the Civl War and secession- this is it!

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