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How to write the dbq for apush
How to write the dbq for apush
Attitudes on Slavery DBQ Worksheet DBQ Worksheet

Attitudes on Slavery DBQ Worksheet

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Students Struggling With the DBQ? (Just kidding, of course, they are!) The DBQ is a beast and these sheets are designed to help students tame that dreaded beast!

In 20 minutes students improve writing the DBQ- guaranteed! These DBQ practice sheets are a quick and easy way for students to practice analyzing documents and mastering the "HIPP" aspect of the analysis! These are teacher and student-friendly, designed for one purpose- to help break down the complicated requirements for the DBQ so students can master it! These can be completed in class or as homework and should take students between 25-45 minutes but can be extended to a longer lesson if the teacher desires students to grade and pair share one another's writing. These will definitely help your students learn how to write an APUSH DBQ and improve their skills!

 The prompt and topic for this sheet focus on the important concept of changing attitudes on slavery in the North and South during the Antebellum years: "Analyze the changes and continuities regarding the attitudes on slavery in America during the period between 1820-1860." 

What's Included in this AP US History DBQ Worksheet 

This is a two-page worksheet. Page one gives the prompt and a document. Below it are exemplars using the document within an essay. One is a poorly written exemplar to show students the common mistakes students make and it breaks down what is wrong with it. Next is a strongly written exemplar that teaches how to correctly analyze and HIPP the document. There are quick pointers below for students to recognize what is done well with the analysis writing. 

Page 2 gives two more documents for the same prompt and space for students to write a paragraph. By using the exemplars from page one, students should be able to write a high-quality analysis of the documents entirely on their own. This builds off the skills from the previous DBQ practice sheet, but can be used totally independent of it as well. 

These sheets will definitely help any struggling writers to learn how to analyze documents more effectively within their essays to earn a 6 or 7 on the DBQ!

This can be used digitally or as printouts. A PDF and a word file are given to allow teachers the freedom to manipulate the document.

This DBQ practice sheet will help you teach the DBQ and help students develop the skills they need to master writing the DBQ for APUSH.

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