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Antebellum Women's Role DBQ Worksheet

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Master the DBQ for AP US History

A quick and easy way for students to practice analyzing documents and mastering the skills needed to write the DBQ! 

The prompt for this mini- Document-Based Question Practice Sheet is: "Evaluate the extent to which women's roles fundamentally changed ruing the Antebellum Period. Confine your response between the years 1800-1850."

What's Included in this APUSH DBQ Practice Sheet

This is a two-sided worksheet designed to clearly show students how to write the DBQ- easy for the teacher to teach and grade and easy for students to learn and write! Page 1 gives the prompt and two documents. Below are exemplars using the document within an essay. One is a poorly written exemplar to show students the common mistakes students make and it breaks down what is wrong with it. Next is a strongly written exemplar that shows how to use the documents effectively and with explanations on what is done well. (see the previews!)

Page 2 gives two new documents for the same prompt and challenges students to write a paragraph or two using the documents and the skills taught on the previous page.

Can be used digitally or as printouts.

If you are struggling with how to teach the DBQ for AP US History or your students are having a hard time learning how to write the DBQ, I guarantee these will help! If you are not satisfied, you will receive a 100% refund with a simple email within 2 weeks of purchase.

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