Al Capone, Prohibition, and the St. Valentine's Massacre

Prohibition, Al Capone, & The Rise of Gangsters in the 1920s
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Al Capone & Prohibition Lesson Plan

This 1920s lesson plan focuses on prohibition, Al Capone, the rise of gangsters, and the St. Valentine's Massacre.  Covering the history of the temperance movement, the 18th amendment, and how it impacted America during the '20s, especially with the rise of organized crime and Scarface.  In this story lecture students are asked to consider the causes and effects of prohibition.

What Students Do

Inquiry lesson analyzing primary sources to understand the effects of prohibition on America. Students view political cartoons, a report from a medical doctor, labor union leaders, and more to understand why people supported and opposed prohibition before making a catchy slogan to repeal or support prohibition in this 1920s lesson plan.

Skill Development: Analyze primary sources: visual and text, creative writing, making conclusions.