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Full Year US History Video Curriculum - Gilded Age to 1970s

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"Its like Crash Course but with full lesson plans & activities, taught at a pace and in a way that high school students can understand!"

Hey teacher! Welcome to this US History curriculum like no other! If you're a history teacher tired of lecturing and searching for ways to make your lessons more interactive, this bundle is perfect for you. The bundle includes 30 captivating YouTube history videos specifically designed for high school students, covering the Gilded Age to the Civil Rights Movement. Check out this episode on "The Real Rosie the Riveter and Women in WWII."  

Our "History For Humans" episodes are more than just video lectures- they are taught like lesson plans with hooks and exploration questions, defined vocabulary terms, and clear explanations of challenging concepts. Most importantly, they teach through the power of story, making history more relevant and exciting for your students. We call it a story-lecture!

For the year-long curriculum, all the units are organized in student friendly workbooks. (see image previews) For each video lesson, there is an interactive notesheet that supports comprehension and critical thinking. Next there is an auto-graded Google Form quiz or a printed PDF to check for understanding. Lastly, students complete an extension activity to dive deeper into the topic of the video.

👀The image below and previews detail how each lesson within the unit works. 

Best Homeschool History Curriculum

Our curriculum bundle covers the majority of US History concepts in state standards, terms, events, people, and ideas, making it an excellent supplement to textbook readings or replacement for lectures. It could definitely stand as a pillar of your US history course, with some supplements. The bundle includes nine units, each with its own workbook. Below is how the workbooks are set up:

video curriculum for US history

After the video, notesheet, and quiz, comes the activity. These extension lessons are designed to foster critical thinking and historical thinking skills, helping students develop skills such as sourcing documents, developing historical empathy, recognizing bias and point-of-view, chronological reasoning, comparison, and evaluating evidence. There are scaffolds to support diverse learners, ensuring that all students can engage with the material, be successful, and enjoy learning history!

All the lessons are fully inclusive and don't require internet, computers, or textbooks. And there are answer keys for everything! 

           ****Lessons & Units****               

Unit 1- Gilded Age and Industrialization
1) Standard Oil & The Rise of Big Business
2) Haymarket Square Riot & Industrial Workers
3) "How the Other Half Lived"- Immigration & Urbanization
4) Tammany Hall, & Gilded Age Corruption 

Unit 2- Progressive Era 
1) The Triangle Factory Fire & Start of the Progressive Era
2) Roosevelt's Progressivism & Conservation
3) "The Night of Terror" & Women's Suffrage

Unit 3- American Imperialism
1) The Spanish-American War
2) Panama Canal & Roosevelt's Big Stick

Unit 4- World War I
1) The Lusitania and America's Entrance to WWI
2) Free Speech on the Homefront- Debs & Sedition
3) Harlem Hellfighters & African Americans in WWI
4) Wilson & The Failed League of Nations

Unit 5- The Roaring 1920s
1) Scopes Trial & Cultural Conflicts of the Twenties
2) Al Capone & Prohibition: The St. Valentine's Massacre
3) Margaret Sanger, Flappers, & The Birth Control Revolution

Unit 6- Great Depression and New Deal
1) Stock Market Crash & Causes of the Great Depression
2) Living Through the Dust Bowl & Great Depression
3) FDR's First 100 Days & the New Deal

 Unit 7- World War II
1) Pearl Harbor- From Isolation to War!
2) The Real Rosie: Women in WWII
3) D-Day & The War in Europe
4) Dropping the A-Bombs & The War in the Pacific

Unit 8- Cold War at Home and Abroad
1) Berlin Airlift & Start of the Cold War
2) McCarthy's Rise & Fall & The Second Red Scare
3) The Cuban Missile Crisis 

Unit 9- Civil Rights Movement
1) Emmett Till & Start of C.R.M.
2) The Sit-Ins & Early C.R.M.
3) MLK vs. MX: Two Visions for Civil Rights
4) The Olympic Protest & The Black Power Movement

Check out this free sample lesson on the Spanish-American War to see how our resources can transform your classroom.

This is a great way to transform learning in your classroom and give you the time to work with, support, and connect with your students. So cut the lecture and up the engagement!


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