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The American Colonies Unit Lessons | 3 VIDEOS & Activities!

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Teach the amazing story of the development of the English colonies with 3 powerful video lessons like this one on "Surviving and Thriving In Jamestown Colony". This is a American colonies unit like no other!

For all episodes students complete follow-along interactive notesheets to build comprehension and critical thinking which align with state history standards. Each notesheet starts with a warm-up, has fill-in-the-blank, comprehension and critical thinking questions, a fun little quiz and closes with a thinking map to demonstrate what they learned.

Colonial America Engaging Activities 

Then students complete a quick auto-graded Google form quiz (PDF also available), and then an extension activity for each video that dives deeper into the ideas of the video. For the first episode on Jamestown, students complete a mini-DBQ on the struggles to survive at Jamestown, for the New England Colonies episode, students complete a mini-research activity to learn about 3 early leaders from the region (they can choose from men, women, and Indian peoples), and finally for the Pennyslvania episode, they design a cover to a comic or anime book showing the amazing story of how William Penn and the Quakers started a new type of colony! 

As a bonus, there is a unit test on colonial America in a PDF file. The notesheets act as a study guides and all the test questions, which are mostly multiple-choice and some fill-in-the-blank, come from their note sheets.

So, cut the lecture and spend your valuable time supporting and engaging with students! ; ) Take back your teaching time in the classroom so you can enjoy teaching and exploring history with your students!

And there are answer keys for everything! 

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