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History of Halloween Video Lesson & Activity

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Students watch an awesome video on The Haunted History of Halloween and complete a follow-along worksheet to ensure comprehension and critical thinking.

In this history of Halloween lesson plan, students learn the traditions like the Jack-O-Lantern, bobbing for apples, trick or treating, and dressing up in costumes. From the origins with Samhain and the ancient Celts to All Saints Day with the spreading of the Catholic Church, and its popularity in the United States with the migration of millions of Irish. Students learn how Halloween has blended over the centuries through different cultures.  Engaging, fun, and only a little bit frightening! 🎃  🐈‍⬛ 

There are two different notesheets for students of different ages. There is a simpler one for younger grades 3-5 and one with some more critical thinking questions for grades 6-9. 

The best video History of Halloween lesson plan you'll find! 

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