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How to write the dbq for apush
How to write the dbq for apush

Civil Rights Movement DBQ Worksheet

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Students Struggling With the DBQ? (Just kidding, of course, they are!) The DBQ is a beast and these sheets are designed to help students tame that dreaded beast by breaking down how to write the DBQ and use documents in the essay!

A quick and easy way for students to practice analyzing documents and mastering the challenging "HIPP" aspect of the analysis! The Prompt for this sheet is: "Compare different strategies for gaining Civil Rights for African Americans."

What's Included in this DBQ Worksheet 

This is a two-sided worksheet designed to clearly show students how to write the DBQ- easy for the teacher to teach and easy for students to learn! Page 1 gives the prompt and a document. Below it are exemplars using the document within an essay. One is a poorly written exemplar to show students the common mistakes students make and it breaks down what is wrong with it. Next are two strongly written exemplars that teach two different ways to use the document. There are quick pointers below for students to recognize what is done well with the analysis writing.  Learning to write an APUSH DBQ just got a little easier  👊 

Page 2 gives another document for the same prompt and challenges students to write two sample paragraphs. One asks for an analysis of the document and to set the context, the other asks for an analysis with the audience, purpose, or point-of-view.

Can be used digitally or as printouts. A PDF and a word file are given to allow teachers freedom to manipulate the document.

This DBQ worksheet will help you teach the DBQ and help students develop the skills they need to write the DBQ!

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