Unit 4 AP Human Geography Workbook
AP Human Geography Workbook
AP Human Geography Unit 4 Workbook
AP Human Geography Workbook Unit 4 Political Geography

AP Human Geography Workbook Unit 4: Political Geography

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This is a comprehensive AP Human Geography's Unit 4: Political Geography workbook and can also be used for the non-AP course.

This 14-page booklet helps students master the content and skills needed for the AP exam. This booklet contains essential terms to define, map practice (a US, world map, and a regional one on Africa focused on ethnicity and imperialism), creative tasks like designing a cover for the booklet, a gerrymandering activity, review questions practice with writing the FRQ and more. This is a whole unit wrapped in an engaging booklet!

Upon purchase, you receive a digital copy of the workbook. It is easily printed in either workbook or full-page form.

How to use this Unit 4 AP Human Geography Workbook

This booklet can be used with any textbook but goes best with Rubenstein's Cultural Landscape in any edition. Some tasks can also be completed through internet searches. These booklets are great for in-class work, homework, or can serve as a great review assignment before the test, midterm, or final exam. With many different creative tasks that foster artistic expression, critical thinking, and reviewing of essential course themes and content, this booklet can save teachers a ton of time in planning and grading. With the last page a rubric, there is room for self or peer review and collaboration before submitting to the teacher. The resource comes as a PDF and a Word doc that allow the teacher to make any changes if they desire.

From a veteran AP teacher, these APHG workbooks have really helped my students engage with the subject and improve their scores on the AP test. I do hope you and your students enjoy them! : )

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