The Scopes Trial & the Roaring Twenties

Scopes Trial & Cultural Conflicts of the 1920s
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This 1920s lesson plan focuses on the Scopes Monkey Trial and the clashing cultures of the 1920s.  Students learn how the changing times, new innovations, and a jazz culture caused cultural rifts that were best displayed in a courtroom in Tennessee, The Scopes Trial. Evolution and science against the church and fundamentalism, jazz vs Genesis, and rural vs urban all were present in the carnival atmosphere of the trial that represented so much of the changing times of the '20s. 


In this 1920s lesson plan, students analyze two case studies of the 1920s and make connections to cultural conflicts in America today! Focusing on the Palmer Raids against suspected Communists and Immigrant groups and digging deeper into the Scopes trial, students answer questions then look for commonalities to today’s America.

Skill Development: Critical reading, comparison, and making connections through time.