The Civil Rights Movement Sit-Ins

The Sit-In Protests and Early Civil Rights Movement
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What Students Learn

In this Sit-ins Civil Rights Movement lesson plan and video, students learn how the amazing story behind the photograph of the Jackson, Mississippi sit-in. It also covers the overall sit-in protests and early years of the Civil Rights Movements starting with Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott. The amazing story behind the Jackson, Mississippi Sit-In and the famous photograph from that day serve as a metaphor for the larger Civil Rights Movement growing across the country focusing on integration, non-violent protest, and bringing the ugliness of Jim Crow to light.  Students learn about Martin Luther King, John Lewis, SNCC, Brown vs Board, and more in this powerful story and civil rights lesson plan.

What Students Do

Analyze the SNCC founding document of purpose, answer analysis questions, and create a new logo for the organization that represents their ideals in this engaging and creative Civil Rigths Movement lesson plan.

Skill Development: Critical reading, creativity and design.