President Wilson & the League of Nations

Wilson, The League of Nations, and the Treaty of Versailles
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Students learn about the goals of America and President Wilson during the war, especially his 14 Points and his optimistic vision of the League of Nations, but why in the end America rejected his vision.


Lesson Overview

The final episode of the World War I unit teaches President Wilson's fight to secure the League of Nations in the Treaty of Versailles along with his other 14 Points.  The story-lecture teaches the struggles Wilson faced at the Paris Peace Conference with the other Big Four and his battle with Henry Cabot Lodge and isolationists in the Senate and why America refused to join the League of Nations. 

What Students Do

In this League of Nations lesson plan, students analyze two cartoons and two speeches- from President Wilson and Senator Lodge to breakdown the arguments for and against joining the League of Nations and then make their own decision if America should join or not.

Skill Development: Analyzing political cartoons, critical reading, evidence gathering, argumentative writing.