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President Washington Lesson Plan- Inventing the Presidency

President Washington Lesson Plan- Inventing the Presidency

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Video Lesson on President Washington

Scrap the lecture and spend more time supporting students with this video lesson on "How President Washington Invented the Presidency."

This US history video lesson allows you to cut the lecture so you can spend your time supporting and connecting with students as they learn at their own pace.


1) Interactive, Follow-Along Notesheet
2) Quick Quiz
3) Extension Activity

President Washington Video Lesson


The video teaches students the major events of Washington's Presidency and how his actions set precedents for all future presidents! They learn about he could have been made king but refused, his election, his efforts to unify the nation, the debate and fight over Hamilton's Financial Plan and the Bank of the United States, the formation of the first political parties and how that worried Washington. It then covers Washington's Neutrality Proclamation to keep the US out of the European wars, how he successfully ended the Whiskey Rebellion, and finally his Farewell Address and his lasting message for the nation to keep the nation at peace and unified.

***The lessons cover state-standards while making sure the content is still interesting.

President Washington Activity  

After the video, notes, and quiz, students compare portraits of "George and George" - King George III and President George Washington for students to understand the differences between kings and the American president in how they were portrayed. It will get students thinking critically while understanding how Washington embodied republican and democratic principles!

There are answer keys for everything! Click & deliver engagement! This is a history video curriculum like no other! 

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Cut the Lecture and Up the Engagement with this US History Video Lesson!

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