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President Jefferson - Lewis & Clark, The Embargo Act & More!

President Jefferson - Lewis & Clark, The Embargo Act & More!

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Engaging Lesson on President Jefferson- 

This lesson plan goes with this video on "The Major Events of Jefferson's Presidency." 

As students watch they complete an interactive note-sheet with fill-in-the-blanks, comprehension and critical thinking questions, and a thinking map. The video teaches students the major events of Thomas Jefferson's presidency. How he tried to reduced the size of government, cut taxes, reduced the military, and directly represent the people- while ignoring slavery. It teaches the controversy he faced with the Louisiana Purchase and how it was probably unconstitutional, Lewis & Clark and the Corps of Discovery, and finally the Embargo Act. Taught through the power of story- it makes historical facts relevant and memorable! (check the previews to see how it works)

The video helps visual learners with on-screen text of the main ideas and vocab, powerful images, and it reviews the important concepts to ensure comprehension. Cut the lecture and spend more time working with students and supporting their learning with this video lesson! 


After the video students can complete a quick quiz to check for understanding. There is a PDF for print our or a Google Form auto-graded quiz as well. Then, there is an optional extension activity where students take the driver seat in history by reading short overviews of 5 challenges President Jefferson faced and they decide what should be done about them! Then they compare their decision to Jefferson's decision. This will make history come alive and foster critical thinking as students get to make real-life decisions and will definitely lead to a great debate or discussion!

There are answer keys for everything! Click & deliver engagement!

All my video lessons are great US History lesson plans and perfect for homeschool history curriculum as well. I hope you enjoy. 


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