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President jackson lesson plan
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Jacksonian Democracy

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This lesson on "Jacksonian Democracy and President Jackson" goes with this video from History For Humans :) 



As students watch the video, they complete an interactive notesheet with fill-in-the-blanks, critical thinking questions, a warm-up, and a thinking map. The video teaches the major changes during Jacksonian Democracy that allowed the "common man" to vote and participate in government. While explaining how this was a major improvement as power shifted away from the elites to the average man, it also teaches the limitations of Jacksonian Democracy and how slavery spread, Native Americans were treated brutally under Jackson's policies, and women were still denied the vote. It covers Jackson's battle with the bank, the spoils system, his use of the veto, and why his critics saw him as a king.

The video helps visual learners with on-screen text of the main ideas, powerful images, and it reviews the important concepts to ensure comprehension. Cut the lecture and spend more time working with students and supporting their learning with this video lesson!

PRESIDENT JACKSON ACTIVITY - After the Video Extension

After the video, there is an optional extension activity that has students read more about the life and times of Andrew Jackson to make an illustrated collage of his life and policies. The reading dives deeper into the ideas in the video to help struggling learners understand the main ideas.


Jacksonian Democracy Video Lesson! Great US history lesson plan and perfect for homeschool history curriculums. 

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