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American Revolution DBQ Practice Worksheet

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A quick and easy way for students to practice analyzing documents and mastering the "HIPP" aspect of the analysis! These are teacher and student-friendly designed for one purpose- to help break down the complicated requirements for the DBQ so students can master writing the DBQ! These can be completed in class or as homework and should take students between 25-45 minutes but can be extended to a longer lesson if you want students to grade and pair share one another's writing. Learning to write an APUSH DBQ just got a little easier 👊

 Whats Included in this DBQ Practice Sheet

The prompt and topic for this sheet is short and sweet: "Analyze the causes of the American Revolution." Since period 2 might be the first time students see a DBQ, this sheet starts them off with a rather simple topic, though one that is exceptionally important for the course! 

This is a two-sided worksheet. (see preview) Page one gives the prompt and a document. Below it are writing samples. One is a poorly written exemplar to show students the common mistakes students make and it breaks down what is wrong with it. Next is a strongly written exemplar that teaches how to correctly analyze and use the document. There are quick pointers below for students to recognize what is done well with the analysis writing. (Since this is might be their first DBQ- this sheet does not get into the HIPP aspect of the rubric- but all my other DBQ practice sheets teach the HIPP skill.)

Page 2 gives two more documents for the same prompt and challenges students to write a paragraph. By using the exemplars from page one, students should be able to write an APUSH DBQ paragraph effectively! Nailing the basics. 

Can be used digitally or as printouts. A PDF and a Word file are given to allow teachers the freedom to manipulate the document.

If your struggling with how to teach the DBQ or your students are struggling with learning how to write the DBQ, these will definitely help! 

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