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american colonies DBQ worksheet for APUSH
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American Colonies DBQ Worksheet

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A quick and easy way for students to learn how to write the DBQ for APUSH.

The prompt for this mini- Document-Based Question Sheet is: "Evaluate the extent to which Transatlantic trade fostered economic changes in the British Colonies in North America between 1607-1754."

What's Included in this DBQ Worksheet

This is a two-sided worksheet designed to clearly show students how to write the DBQ- easy for the teacher to teach and grade and easy for students to learn and write! Page 1 gives the prompt and one document. Below are two writing exemplars using the document within a paragraph. (see previews) One is poorly written to show students the common mistakes students make and it breaks down what is wrong with it. Next is a strongly written paragraph that shows how to use the documents effectively with explanations on what is done well. This really students see how to write the DBQ effectively.

Page 2 gives a document for the same prompt and challenges students to write a paragraph using the documents and the skills taught on the previous page. You will see that students are able to learn better since these worksheets actually 'teach' as well as give practice writing the DBQ. And it will save you lots of time and stress reteaching the same things over and over.

If you need help with how to teach the DBQ or if your students are struggling learning to write the DBQ, these quick sheets will surely help! 

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