Civil War Spies Lesson Plan
African Americans in the Civil War lesson plan
African Americans in the Civil War lesson
Black spies in the civil war lesson
Civil War Spies Video Lesson

African American Spies in the Civil War Lesson

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Learn the amazing stories of 3 African American spies in the Civil War with this engaging History For Humans video and lesson plan! This African Americans in the Civil War lesson plan will engage students from 5-8th grade and is great for Black History Month as well. 

In this unique Civil War lesson plan, students learn how Harriet Tubman used her skills from the Underground Railroad to serve as a spy during the war and be the first woman to lead a military operation in American history, how John Scobell operated with the Union's top spy and put his acting skills to the use to fight the Confederates, and how Mary Jane Bowser spied on Jefferson Davis, the President of the Confederacy, from within the White House of the Confederacy! Overall, students learn how "Black Dispatches" were indispensable to the Union war effort and that Black spies served bravely for a nation that still did not treat them as equals.

As students watch they fill out a note sheet with fill-in-the-blanks to ensure comprehension as well as critical thinking questions to connect and think deeply about the history. Then there is an extension activity to dig deeper with reading about Black Spies in the Civil War for students to practice reading comprehension. And there are answer keys for everything! 

A Civil War Lesson That Makes History Fun!

Happy learning, 

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