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President Johnson Decision Activity: Create 3 War on Poverty Programs!

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Looking for a powerful lesson on the Great Society and War on Poverty? Look no further!

In this presidential decision making activity, students take on the role of President Johnson and have to develop three federal programs to fight against poverty in the United States in 1964!

SITUATION: Since WWII there has been unprecendented economic growth and prosperity, however many communities have been left behind. 20% of the country, including 25% of children suffer in poverty and whole regions seem locked in continual economic depression. Your administration has declared unconditional war on poverty and with your advisors you need to create three federal programs that attack the root causes of poverty in the country!

First, you review a timeline of important events that led to this crisis to help students understand factors leading to this issue. Then there is a 'context' overview slide that breaks down the crisis into a very understandable language. Then, students read the two page 'Presidential Briefing' and complete the 'Presidential Decisions' worksheet that supports students as in critical thinking and problem solving so they create realistic but creative programs.

The worksheet has students consider important questions a president must consider before coming to a decision- what do we know about this issue, what limitations do I have, what does the Constitution allow me to do, what resources would my solutions require (and do I have access to those?), before developing three original programs.  This is such a powerful problem-solving activity for history class that develops critical thinking and active learning!  

After students create their three programs to fight poverty or provide relief to suffering communities, you can have them present their programs to class if you wish. Lastly, you review actual programs from the Great Society and War on Poverty. Students can compare their programs to the real ones and there is a sheet for students to record what actually happen and reflect on how well they did in the activity.

This is such an engaging activity for the Great Society! Students will have an emotional attachment to the content and realize why its so important to learn. Its a great way to make history interesting and exciting!

This has everything you need to complete the activity- no outside resources are needed! And there are links to the Google slides version so you can edit anything you want!

Fun US History activities ready to excite your students and great for your homeschool history curriculum as well! 

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