The Articles of Confederation and Constitution Video Lesson
Constitutional Convention Lesson plan
The Articles and Constitution Video lesson
The Constitution Video Lesson
Compare the Articles of Confederation and Constitution activity
US History video curriculum

The Articles of Confederation and The Constitution

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The Story of the Constitution Video Lesson

All these resources go with this History For Humans' video on the "The Articles of Confederation and Constitutional Convention."

This US history video lesson allows you to cut the lecture so you can spend your time supporting and connecting with students as they learn at their own pace.


1) Interactive, Follow-Along Notesheet
2) Quick Quiz
3) Extension Activity

The constitution video lesson


The video teaches students how the market revolution transformed the economy and people's lives in the 1800s. It teaches students how the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation and Shays' Rebellion led to the Constitutional Convention where framers reforged the country. It teaches the Virginia Plan, Great Compromise, 3/5 Compromise and how slavery was protected by the Constitution despite major opposition to slavery, and how Federalists and Anti-Federalists duked it out in the fight to ratify the Constitution.

***The lessons cover state-standards while making sure the content is still interesting.

Comparing the Articles and Constitution Activity

After the video, notes, and quiz, students read a secondary source and fill out a Venn diagram comparing the Articles and Constitution with a word bank to support students. Then there two critical thinking questions as well to thinker deeper!

There are answer keys for everything! Click & deliver engagement! This is a history video curriculum like no other! 

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